Container House
Container House
Container Homes provide the perfect ECO friendly option because they can be very energy efficient, very structurally strong, very beautiful multifamily housing.
5 Awesome Reasons why you need a Container Home?
  • Cost effective
  • ECO friendly Design
  • Speed of construction
  • Design Flexibility
  • Extremely Tough
  • Quick installation, free from weather and terrain, high return on investment.
  • Modular assembly construction is possible.
  • The building function module can be assembled freely, and the spatial layout can be adjusted flexibly to form Type T, L, I, H, U and so on.
  • Modular design and assembly method is adopted, construction is simple and quick, aluminum villa can be completed in 40 days.
  • Smart housing has excellent bearing capacity and thermal insulation capacity, durable for more than 50 years, strong defensive.
  • Building space design based on ecological environment, focusing on the development and creation of environmentally.
  • Provide services for commercial real estate and outdoor tourism industry, create new opportunities for mobile commerce.

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