What should you pay attention to when ordering a smart hollow shutter customer?

1. Glass combination: 5mm white glass tempered +27A (hollow with venetian blinds) +5mm white glass tempering

2. control system: sensor, remote control, transformer (manual device + Control panel) One control system can control one to four louvers 

3. Specifications: Maximum size: W1800mm*H3200mm, < 5 square meters; Minimum size: W500mm*H500mm 

4. DC motor technical requirements: Speed: 17.8r/min, torque :245mN-m; Torque: 2.5KG-cm; Minimum service life: 5 years (Motor Japan imported Seiko motor)

5. Power supply technical requirements: input voltage: 85~264V; output frequency: 47~63Hz

6. Aluminum alloy louver : thickness is (0.21 ± 0.02) mm; width is (16 ± 0.1) mm, louver origin: Israel

7, product specifications: hollow glass smart environmental protection curtain size specifications 
* maximum: (W) 1000mm × (H) 2500mm, total Area <2.5m2; (can realize lifting and dimming function) If only dimming function is needed, no maximum size requirement 
*minimum: (W)400mm×(H)500mm

What are the advantages of office hollow louver glass partitions?

1. Office hollow glass louver partition has better sound insulation, special glass materials, according to the designer layout, according to different needs, the interval. Customers can also feel a lot of practical space in the office, and enjoy a quiet working environment during the office. 
 2. The office glass partition looks good. Different from traditional spacer materials, the use of glass partitions allows our consumers to have a better appearance of spacing. Compared with the traditional cement spacing, because of its good light transmission, the space that is blocked will not appear narrow, so that our consumers can be more satisfied, together with some expansive intervals, it also Will not affect the display of our products. Very useful. 
3. The overall cost of office glass partitions is low. The overall cost of glass partitions is very economical. It satisfies the practical needs of many consumer companies, allowing our related companies to have lower cost, lower cost, better spacing, and become an important reason for many consumers. A company, the same is also a consumer, to supply more value-for-money products and prices, so that we can meet the practical needs of all kinds of consumers, let us spend less money, plan a better space, buy good products. , with good service.